Application of the general conditions of sale.
The present general conditions of sale will be in force except our express and written exemption notified within a week of the confirmation of the order. By the sole fact of ordering, the customer is irrevocably deemed to waive the application of all other general conditions of sale, including his own. Wathelet does not recognize any verbal or other commitment made by its delegates in contravention of these stipulations.

Price offers. Unless otherwise specified, our price offers are valid for a period of 30 calendar days from their communication. In the absence of acceptance within this period, our offer ceases to bind us. Our prices are established according to the rates of our suppliers and the exchange of the euro, because of insurance, import duties, taxes and levies of all kinds. If, between the time of the order and that of delivery, a modification occurs in one or other of these elements, the stipulated price will be increased or decreased accordingly.

Given that we depend on our suppliers for the delivery and execution times of the order indicated in our offers, these times are not binding and their exceeding cannot therefore give rise to any compensation whatsoever. Can no longer give rise to any claim or cancellation on the grounds of late delivery, cases of force majeure, such as, without this enumeration being exhaustive, fires, floods, requisitions, wars, lockouts or workers' strikes both with our staff and that of our suppliers as well as delays that may arise from congestion on the railways, the lack of practicability of the roads, bad weather, traffic accidents, lack of material, etc. On the other hand, these cases of force majeure give us the right to terminate the contract or market balance, without our being able to be required to compensate of any kind.

Confirmation and cancellation of the order.
Orders are only binding after our written and signed confirmation or by the fact of delivery. The same goes for the commitments made by our agents. Any cancellation of an order after our confirmation or during or after delivery will give rise to the payment of an indemnity of 35% excluding VAT of the amount of the order, excluding labor. No follow-up will be given to orders not indicating the name or denomination, the VAT number and the place of establishment of the customer, and, for legal entities, the name (s) and first name (s) of the person or persons who can legally engage them with express mention of their capacity.

The prices indicated in our prices and offers do not include VAT which is and remains the responsibility of the customer.

Deliveries - complaints.
The goods always travel at the risk and peril of the recipients, even when the transport and / or assembly costs are at our expense. To be valid, all complaints must reach us within eight days of delivery of the goods and by registered mail, under penalty of foreclosure. They do not in any way suspend the customer's payment obligation. Unless expressly stipulated otherwise, delivery is made to the ground floor or sidewalk and the costs of altering the building in order to bring in / install the goods are the responsibility of the buyer.

The buyer must allow the goods to be placed on an open ground. Unless expressly stipulated otherwise, the connection is not included. The connection material such as cable, plug, etc is never included in the offer and is extra charged. If the contract stipulates the connection of one or more devices, this is done on sound water / gas supplies, by existing flow and in arrivals waiting at the place of connection. The buyer is also supposed to know the technical details relating to the device acquired (indicative measurements, water / gas supply, flow, electrical power) for its installation and cannot claim ignorance of one or more of these elements to cancel the contract. We decline any responsibility, during the installation and the connection, in the event of drilling of any pipe or pipe that it is, due to the invisibility of this one, even in the event of deterioration of the contents of the devices to be installed for whatever motive. Removal of the protective stainless steel plastic film from the device is entirely the customer's responsibility.

If the customer decides to install and connect the purchased item himself, an item such as heavy, fragile and/or powerful (for ex three-phase), may be partially unassembled for transport security reasons. Because we don't have an expertise of the technical connections in place at the customer'r place, the purchase will be, without connection accessories (for ex. plug, cable, etc.) * for collection from our address, on a pallet and/or in its packing box. Everything will have to be taken away.  The customer will ensure that he has a large enough vehicle and the necessary staff to pick up and load his order at once.  We reserve right to charge extra for any packaging left at our address and/or for the time we lose in connection with such removal.  The customer will be responsible for having the purchased item installed and connected by a professional. No responsability can be attributed to us for any installation defect in this context.  Goods collected by the customer from our address and installed/connected by the customer are non longer covered by our warranty and travel at the customer's risk.*  This does not apply to small, light and/or table appliances such as mixers, microwaves, juicers, cutters, etc.

Our quotes are drawn up in good faith but without any guarantee of result, so that we will only be bound by an obligation of means. Unless expressly stipulated otherwise, our quotes are chargeable (the customer will ask what the price is if he wants an repair estimation - minimum 95,00 Euros + tax) on the basis of an hourly rate and according to the time devoted to the search for the fault, both in terms of labor and travel, and road costs . If the repair requires the disputed device to be moved to our workshops, the costs of collection, transport and insurance will also be borne by the customer. Any device must be removed from our workshops within three months of the invoice, the repair estimation or notice of irreparability. After this period, we will no longer ensure availability.

Unless expressly waived in writing, our invoices are payable net and without discount to our head office upon receipt of the invoice. No splitting will be allowed. In the event of non-payment, even partial, of an invoice on its due date, we will be able without warning to choose between the resolution of the contract and its execution. In the first case, the deposit paid will remain with us. If no deposit has been paid, we may claim damages of 15% of the amount invoiced, including VAT, without prejudice to all other duly established damages. If in this case we require the return of the material, the buyer will also be liable for remuneration for the use of the material which may not be less than the down payments made and abandoned by the buyer. In the other case, the amount of the invoices will be automatically and without formal notice, producing late interest of 12% per year and a conventional and flat-rate increase of 15% with a minimum of € 50, up to 'with perfect payment. As long as their price has not been paid in full, the delivered goods will remain our sole and full property and we can at any time repossess them wherever they are. However, the risks are borne by the buyer. The costs of dismantling, transport etc ..., incurred during the said recovery, will be borne by the buyer who will have to suffer this removal, under penalty of a fine of 25 € per day of delay from the day fixed for this removal until the actual removal, without prejudice to any other compensation. The buyer will also have to compensate us for any damage to the equipment.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, from the date of delivery our equipment recognized as defective is guaranteed for one year against any mechanical construction fault and for six months for electrical and electronic parts, excluding damage suffered as a result of use. abnormal, non-compliance with installation and maintenance instructions, etc. Any warranty offer of more than 1 year falls within the context of preventive maintenance, which must be requested and organized by the customer. Any appliance that heats water for dispensing, washing or cooking must be supplied with fresh water. The replacement of parts recognized as defective by us will be carried out on presentation of these and in our stores. To be valid, the guarantees must have been stipulated either in our offers or in our order confirmation. This warranty only covers parts recognized as defective, excluding labor and / or travel costs for the repair of the equipment, as well as any damage resulting from natural wear and tear, violent or defective use, lack of maintenance, chemical, electrical or other influences. In any case, hinges, cables, chains, belts, handles, electrical control and signaling equipment such as lamps, contactors, glass or plexiglass parts, etc. are excluded from this guarantee, without this listing being exhaustive. After the warranty period, any defect or defect, even hidden, can in no way engage our responsibility. Repairs are guaranteed for 3 months. No warranty applies to devices repaired, modified or simply dismantled outside our workshops, or by a person other than our staff. Goods contained in refrigeration equipment are not covered by our warranty.

These general conditions are governed by Belgian law and any possible dispute will fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the judicial district of Brussels.